The Ark: Goals, Planning and Making it Happen in 2018

For the first session of The Ark we will be looking at how to plan effectively and make goals that can be used to accomplish your ambitions in all areas of your life. The beginning of a New Year is a good time to reflect, review and refresh your life; let’s work together to shape it further into the one you have been envisioning for too long.

Making a goal is one thing, making one that is built to make a difference is a skill. Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah will help us gain these skills and a better understanding of how to plan and lay down the foundation towards completing our goals. In addition, you will receive resources to assist you in setting and completing your goals.

Career and business are always a key area, this is not surprising as these are instrumental and time consuming elements of life. Frances Mensah Williams of Interims for Development will be joining us to provide guidance on planning and approaching your career or business. Frances will help us ask the right questions to make sure we get the answers that propels us forward.

Eating right for a better healthier life is something we are all working hard on trying to accomplish. Chef and Health Enthusiast Alice Aggrey-Orleans will be talking us through what we really need to be doing and eating to keep nourished, healthy and alert not just for 2018 but for life.

The Ark webinars are just the beginning. You come, you listen, you engage and then, we give you more. There will be workshop sessions which will take place throughout 2018. These sessions will assist you dig deeper to develop and expand your learning, supporting you move forward on your personal journey to success.

To participate all you will need to do is register here on eventbrite so we can send you the webinar link (the day before the session) and stay in touch with you. Come and join us:

Date:         31st January 2018

Time:        19.00 to 20.30

Place:        Your choice, it’s online! – Must register

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