Coach: Alice Aggrey-Orleans

Alice bright

Eclectic food; Eclectic Alice. That’s a phrase that sums me up. My passion as a chef is driven by the sheer pleasure and adventure of cooking; of combining unexpected food ingredients, watching the dish come together, then savouring the moment when that dish provides a capsule moment of delight for my guests. My instinctive curiosity may have something to do with the fact that I was born in London, raised in Ghana and trained in Switzerland; three places for me which delivered the cornerstones to my craft: the dexterity, art, and science of cooking. My two decades of experience has been peppered with working abroad and travelling to countries with rich food cultures. Whether it is the galangal of Thailand or the masala tea of Tanzania, the stories behind food, the people who cook them and how they present them are fascinating. This has been the inspiration behind adding the skill of a food stylist to my repertoire.

I’m a health enthusiast owing to health challenges I’ve confronted personally, and apply my culinary skills to promoting health and wellness. I’ve gone the alternative route avoiding pills in favour of natural food based remedies, crafting recipes that promote wellness, and they’ve worked. Together with my study of Nutrition for everyday living at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, I’m confident in the advice I offer for health and wellness through good food.


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