Life lessons from Adinkra Symbols

Signs and symbols have been a way for humans to share information, knowledge, warnings and guidance for centuries. The Adinkra symbols are linked with proverbs that provide simple yet profound instruction on being a positive and productive human.

There are some popular even famous ones which you may not have known were Adinkra symbols such as Janet Jackson’s tattoo of the heart Sankofa on her wrist which also featured on her album cover for Velvet Rope. It means ‘learn from your past’.

Some have incorporated the symbols into beautiful works of art like Lina Iris Viktor in her collection Black exodus: Act 1.Lina Iris Viktor

The Adinkra symbol which SESA derives from is called SESA Wo Suban or SESA Woruban. Its meaning in direct translation from the Akan is ‘Change your spirit/ character’ but the Adinkra meaning is ‘Life Transformation’. The symbol is a combination of two symbols the morning star in the centre which symbolizes a new start to the day so each morning you get to start again and the wheel represents rotation – movement. These meanings combine to be a powerful reminder to us as we navigate our journey of change and growth that it may seem impossible but we always have the choice, even the self-responsibility to get up and keep going until we reach success. SESA looks forward to supporting you on your journey.

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